„Borderless financial and economic education” at the Táncház Festival


Within the framework of the European Union-sponsored Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program, the audience could meet the project „Borderless financial and economic education” on April 6, 2019, at the XXXVIII. Táncház Festival in László Papp Budapest Sportarena.


Adult education methods trainings carry on with presentations


The OTP Fáy András Foundation, with its partner institution OTP Ready Foundation, started the operation of its European Union funded Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperatin Program’s “Financial-economic education without borders” project. One of its professional content element is a adult education method training course, the second part of which will include a series of presentations, held between the 27th and 31st of August, which aids the development of the trainers participating in the course.