OTP Fáy András Foundation


The OTP Fáy András Foundation, set up by OTP Bank in 1992, is one of the most important participants of financial education in Hungary. 

With its 25 years of professional experience, the OTP Fáy András Foundation is continuing its professional activity under the motto of “Opportunities for the Future Generations”. This focuses on expanding the financial, economic and management knowledge of primary and secondary school students and promoting a conscious career and life-path for them.

A programme considered as a milestone from the point of view of financial and economic education and Hungarian public education was thus launched in the autumn of 2012 under the direction of the OTP Fáy András Foundation. Also known as OK Educational Centre (using the Hungarian letters representing Oktatási Központ, or Educational Centre), it today boasts a complete educational programme, the OK Project.

The educational centre features classrooms equipped with the most modern audio-visual means for receiving and teaching students arriving from all parts of the country and, upholding the past activity of the Foundation, there is a network of instructors who travel to secondary schools supported by a new system of means for their work. It also uses the financial, economic and management educational materials developed by the Foundation in a manner that all the modules that include training-like elements meet the expectations of giving priority to “educational entertainment”.

According to plans, a new OK Educational Centre similar to that in Budapest was established in Nyíregyháza in the first half of 2016. The “Right to Education” foundation was also launched in 2014 with support from OTP Bank Romania, as the first stage of international expansion. In 2015, Slovakia also joined the OK Project through its OTP READY Foundation.


further information: www.otpfayalapitvany.hu