Borderless financial and economic education


The Hungarian-based OTP Fáy András Foundation and the OTP Ready Foundation in Slovakia, within the framework of the "Interreg V-A Slovakia Hungary Cross Border Cooperation Programme" will implement the "Borderless financial and economic education" project between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2019, supported by the European Union of 247.982,91 EUR.

The project provides solutions to financial literacy and financial/„future” awareness are in a very low level in Hungary and in Slovakia, too. Although the awareness of and the requirement for the financial, economic and management education programme are high in both countries, its accessibility is limited especially in West-Hungary and East-Slovakia. The free after school trainings have been only for school children so far, however to involve adults is very crucial: teachers who organise the school groups to visit the trainings and the responsible parents who can pass this knowledge to their kids and apply it in families.

New curriculums will be developed for them. The project focuses on financial, economic and management education of an adapted and already introduced curriculums to national environment that will be carried out by a new innovative way: the partners receive students in a cross-border nature (Nyíregyháza-Budapest is for the Eastern and Bratislava-Trnava for the Western region) as taking advantage of the partnerships to tackle the geographical and accessibility barriers. Educated trainers will bring the education to schools located in deprived areas if needed. The other significant goal is raising awareness: 5 events and professional workshops will be organised on both sides of the border, in addition several time press campaign will be carried out.

In the 2-year-long project implementation all 3700 students and 180 adults will be addressed by the trainings, an additional 1357 by the informational activities, 3 bilingual modules and 3 interactive board development will be developed, and the setting up of the new training centre in Trnava will also be completed. The project will contribute to the improvement of financial literacy and the development of enterprises in both countries, in addition to the reforming the national education schemes and to the promotion of slowing down outflows and decreasing immigration, and tackling the disadvantages.