„Borderless financial and economic education” at the Táncház Festival



Within the framework of the European Union-sponsored Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program, the audience could meet the project „Borderless financial and economic education” on April 6, 2019, at the XXXVIII. Táncház Festival in László Papp Budapest Sportarena.



At the Foundation’s booth the joint professional program of the OTP Fáy András Foundation and its Slovak partner institution, the OTP Ready Foundation, the so called "Borderless financial and education” prgoramme was introduced to hundreds of people.

On the one hand, visitors had the opportunity to gain insight into the specific educational methodology through various activities: coloring and memory games for the younger ones, financial concepts, memory games and quizzes helped the older ones to deepen their financial background.

In addition to playful learning, visitors were also able to take a look at the OTP Fáy András Foundation's cross-border work, more people were interested in adult education programs addressing responsible parents and teachers, and young people from the historic region of Upper Hungary were happy to hear that there is an OK Center not only in Hungary, but in Trnava, Slovakia as well. So they also have the opportunity to participate in financial, economic and management trainings in there own country. Interested people, including several "old acquaintances", trained pupils, were also enriched with gifts, adventures and new knowledge.