Transportation of students in the “Financial-economic education without borders” has begun



The program which started in February and was 4 days long, provided the opportunity for the II. Rákoczi Ferenc Primary School from Dunaharaszti, within the “Interreg V-A Slovakian-Hungarian Cooperation Program” for the first time to travel its students by bus to the OK Education Centre’s trainings, free of charge.

Within the four days of the 26 of February and 1 of March, 243 mixed aged (5., 6., 7. and 8. grade) students from the above mentioned school had their opportunity realised to travel by bus. These students did not previously attend the OK Education Centre in Budapest, their trainings were held at their own school, thus it was a great experience for them to spend 5 hours away from their classrooms, in a motivating environment, equipped with a modern technical tool park.

The “Interreg V-A Slovakian-Hungarian Cooperation Program” provides solutions for future-oriented planning, primarily for younger generations. In this years’ February more than 2500 students took part in free financial, economic and management trainings, for which, within the framework of the project, the students, who require this free service, will arrive by bus – to the Budapest and Nyíregyháza OK Education Centres – from different regions of the country.