The first half-year period of the project called “Borderless financial and economic education” has successfully closed



By now, over 1400 students living in Hungary and Slovakia have participated in the “Borderless financial and economic education” project, which started last year in July, and which was started in collaboration between the Hungarian OTP Fáy András Foundation and the Slovakian OTP Ready Foundation, within the framework of “Interreg V-A Slovakia Hungary Cross Border Cooperation Programme”.

The project, which by now has been running for over 6 months, enjoys immense popularity amongst students and teachers alike, since the financial culture of both counties is occupying a low level.

The programme offers solutions for future planning for the younger generations, which is why it is outstanding that in the previous period, in the second half of 2017, overall 1437 students participated in financial, economics and management themed trainings, which are all developed based on a unique methodology, on both sides of the border.